Confirm your Pearl Lugger Cruise Booking and pay in advance by EFT

Pay for your Pearl Lugger Cruise in advance by EFT

Pearl Lugger Cruises Booking

Please confirm the cruise date with us first.
No financial transactions whatsoever occur on this website.

Here you can record your PAM Pearl Lugger Cruise booking online, receive a confirmation message from us by email and then proceed to arrange payment in advance by EFT into our nominated bank account.

Enter the cruise payment amount, your name and the cruise date above.

Prices appear on the Cruise Booking Information page. For special functions, the price will be as agreed.

The checkout process

  1. Press the “Your Details” button and enter your Name, Contact Details and any comments desired.
  2. Press the “Final Summary” button.
  3. Press the “Submit by Email” button. That's it. Thank you !

EFT Payments

Your cruise payment can be made by EFT Bank Deposit direct into this account :

Thank you for making a booking with Pearl Lugger Cruises !