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- 03rd January 2023

Once you’ve lived and worked on or under one, you never forget. They live breathe and have an addictive smell.
So rare today so my heart felt congratulations, and thanks for keeping Pam alive.
Best regards, Jon

A relation of ours

- 21st January 2018

Captain Clement Gregory was a relation of ours on our Mothers side. I found this article very interesting and informative.

Date correction

- 04th January 2017

Just a point about the picture of the Pam at the end of the wharf. The new wharf and sheds weren't built until about 1956 so this has to be later than that and not during WW2.

Admin Response: Thanks Andrew, we have corrected that.

The dream has been achieved

- 13th September 2015

What a fantastic achievement you have both done in restoring the Dominion/Pam and in continuing to write the history of Pam 050

An accomplishment I could only dream of.
You have rewarded me for the effort of rescuing Pam from the beach of Francis Bay.
As the first “dreamer” I spent months on the beach working to get Pam back into the bay.

I had well prepared her for a storm and anchored up the creek of Francis bay.
Along came cyclone Tracy with no regard and sent the Pam back into the mango swamps.

From there I rescued her for the second time and refloated her back in the bay.

Now was the time to pass her onto the next “dreamer”.
I could only dream on that one day somebody would achieve what you both have now done.

Regards, Noel McDougall.

Great History and Herstory

- 12th August 2015

Stories are what brings things together, I found the history of the pearl lugger very interesting. Wonderful in fact that such a relic has been restored. Congratulations to you both. I must bring my son for a cruise sail one day. He's a bit of a sailer, little boats at present!

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